JIVA Property LLC

JIVA Properties LLC was formed by physicians who wanted to build a new office building to expand their medical practice. The land they acquired was scheduled to be part of a rezoned area, allowing essential increased building height. Several Portland City Council members were interested in delaying the vote to have more time to develop a fee program based on the type of development anticipated. Continued delays in the Council’s decision threatened to derail the project’s financing.

Baldwin Consulting was brought in to identify the most effective messages and then to lobby Portland City Council to move ahead and vote on zoning changes in the NW Portland Area Plan. Most of the City Council members were unaware there was an immediate, negative impact to their delays. Council maintained its voting schedule and approved the rezoning.

Government relations services:

  • Worked closely with clients that were inexperienced with City Council decision making to de-mystify the process for them.
  • Developed a lobbying strategy to avoid any further delays in the City Council voting schedule
  • Prepared clients for meetings with City Council members and testimony before City Council members


Singer Properties

Parking in Northwest Portland, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, has been in short supply for decades, creating hassles for residents, businesses and visitors alike. A citizen advisory committee of diverse stakeholders crafted a plan for increasing off-street parking and improving on-street parking management. The plan included small, two-story parking structures to blend into the intimate feel of the neighborhood. As the plan was heading toward City Council and final approval, the neighborhood association withdrew its support.

Baldwin Consulting was hired to create a comprehensive strategy to positively position parking with the public and to secure City Council support. Working with a variety of land use specialists, business owners, developers, and members of the Nob Hill Business Association, Baldwin Consulting analyzed the level of support among City Council members, developed key messages, crafted a public information effort, and organized local business owners to lobby City Council. All the stakeholders were engaged and informed so that City Council and the public received a cohesive message about the importance of increasing parking options, while allowing the message to be fine-tuned as needed.

After months of hearings, the City Council adopted the parking plan, increasing parking options.

Government relations services:

  • Developed a comprehensive strategy for engaging local businesses on the parking issue
  • Collaborated with land use attorneys, businesses and developers to keep everyone supportive and on-message
  • Worked closely with staff and board members to ensure ease of implementation and commitment to the recommendations.
  • Created briefing memos, talking points and testimony for the client and local businesses
  • Wrote and placed an opinion piece in The Oregonian from a local business leader in support of the parking plan


Gwenn guided us through the [City Council] process…and helped orchestrate successful results. I would recommend Baldwin Consulting to others when government relations expertise is needed.
—John Rees, JIVA Property LLC